the nv team

Nate and Jessica, the driving force behind NV Catering, share a remarkable journey marked by resilience and a commitment to culinary excellence. Nate's passion for cooking ignited in high school, setting the stage for his extraordinary talent to shine. With Jessica's unwavering support and business framework, the couple founded NV Catering in 2013, driven by a shared belief in the power of food to unite.

Recognizing their role extended beyond food preparation, NV focuses on seamless event orchestration, ensuring flawless execution from timely service to perfect temperatures. With a keen eye for detail, Nate and Jessica go above and beyond, consistently exceeding expectations and creating exceptional culinary experiences. Their journey, shaped by sacrifice and gratitude, is dedicated to building a lasting legacy for their family within the business. Refusing to settle for mediocrity, they passionately believe in providing nothing short of the best, leaving an indelible mark on every event they cater.

With over 20 years of experience, Chef Nate, the culinary master and origin of our story at NV, is the heartbeat that propels our company forward. His unwavering passion for the culinary arts infuses every aspect of our offerings.

With a commitment to excellence, Chef Nate goes above and beyond in everything he does. He is the fire, the secret sauce, the wow factor, and the show behind our culinary experiences. Infusing creativity and innovation into every dish, he constantly seeks ways to elevate his craft, never staying stagnant for too long. Talented and dynamic, Chef Nate brings an undeniable energy to every event, ensuring you can feel and see his dedication in every plate.


Jessica is a vital part of NV, serving as co-owner alongside her husband, Chef Nate. Affectionately known as the "Boss Lady," Jessica truly lives up to her title. Without her, there simply wouldn't be NV.

She is the driving force, the adhesive that holds everything together, and the engine that ensures seamless operations. With brilliance and precision in every task, Jessica has set a standard of excellence that she and her team aspire to deliver consistently. Overseeing numerous operations, she likely plays a central role in orchestrating the processes that make our flawless execution possible.

"boss lady"

we specialize in artistic culinary experiences

 Experience the epitome of taste and sophistication with NV Catering. Our culinary artisans craft elevated flavors that delight the palate and ignite the senses. With every dish, we present a stunning display of stylistic plating, transforming each meal into a work of art. We turn up the heat on culinary excellence, fueled by the power of our dedicated team. NV Catering: Fueling the power of gastronomy.